Solid Waste

Solid Waste Program

Solid Waste Mission

The mission of the YSTUP/Solid Waste program is:

  • To protect the quality of water, air and land
  • To protect the Yankton Sioux Tribe reservation's domestic animals and wildlife
  • To keep the Yankton Sioux Tribe reservation a beautiful and healthy place to live for generations to come
  • To bring the YST Solid Waste and Recycling Programs to the highest possible level of efficiency
  • To bring community member's tribal organizations, local businesses and schools together to discover how recycling impacts the quality of life.

Garbage is picked up once a week in each community and rural area, not on certain holidays.  If you do not know your garbage pick-up days, refer to the collection schedule handbook.

In order to cut down on costs, we ask that the resident make sure to have your garbage can(s) curbside.   Our Solid Waste Technician's route consists of driving approximately 400 miles a week!  YSTUP's garbage rates are:  $16.00 for 1 can and $25.00 for two.  Contracts can be acquired through the YSTUP office or the YST Administration building.  Inclement weather may hinder the collection schedule!

"Please have your garbage can curbside for more efficient and cost effective purposes."

Solid Waste Garbage Collection

Monday:  Rural Solid Waste Collection

Tuesday:  Lake Andes, Pickstown, Ravinia, Marty

Wednesday:  Wagner, Dante, Choteau Creek

Thursday:  Rural Solid Waste Collection

Friday:  Jackson, NE landfill



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