The Mission of the Recycling and Solid Waste Programs are:

  • To bring community members, tribal organizations, business and schools together to discover how recycling impacts the quality of life
  • To bring the YST Recycling and Solid Waste programs to the highest possible level of efficiency.
  • To keep the reservation a beautiful and healthy place to live for generations to come
  • To protect the reservation's domestic animals and wildlife
  • To protect the quality of water, air and land.

The Yankton Sioux Tribe Recycling Program Accepts:

Plastic Bottles
Aluminum Cans
Metal Cans

Disposal Times:
9:00AM - 4:00PM 
Monday -Friday



The Three R's

Reduce:  Reducing waste is the first and most effective of the three R's.

 - Consumers are encouraged to reduce their waste by purchasing in bulk, buying items with less packaging and switching to reusable instead of single-use items.

Reuse:  Reuse is the second most effective of the three R's.

 - Reuse items as much as possible before replacing them.

Recycle:  Recycling is the third of the three R's.

 - Recycling extracts valuable materials from items that might otherwise be considered trash and turns them into new products.

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling can:

 - Conserve resources for the future

 - Prevent emissions of many greenhouse gases and water pollutants

 - Save energy

 - Supply valuable raw materials to industry

 - Reduce the need for new landfills and incinerators

 - Every ton of paper recycled a year saves 17 trees and 7000 gallons of water.

 - Methane is the second largest source of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, and landfills account for 37% of methane gas output, we can divert them from landfill, thereby reducing anaerobic decomposition and the production of methane gas.

 - Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours.

Recycling Collection

Businesses that participate in our recycling program:

- Wagner Indian Health Service

 - Gus Stop II, Lake Andes

- Yankton Sioux Tribe, Administration Building

- YST Food Distribution

- YST Travel Plaza

 - VA Hospital

- Mrak's Machinery

 - John Deere

- Marty Indian School

 - Ihanktonwan Community College

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